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Riasearch, Undersee, Galventus and Cardama – meet the four winners of the KETmaritime Open Call

The winners’ announcement was made at the OceanBusiness event in Southampton where the various partners of the KETmaritime project were present. The four winning companies will now have the opportunity to develop pilot projects using innovative technologies in conjunction with the various partners of the KETmaritime project

About the winners:

  • Riasearch: Headquartered in Ovar, Riasearch is a company that operates in the aquaculture sector. The company conducts rigorous experimental trials for various aquatic species, with a focus on shrimp. Riasearch collaborates with a vast network of scientific and industrial partners in the development and conduct of scientific projects


  • Undersee: With four years of existence, Undersee operates from Coimbra and its mission is to co-invent precision aquaculture through the development of a water quality monitoring platform. With the installation of underwater sensors Undersee provides real-time data for the Cloud. Through the KETmaritime project, Undersee seeks to find a solution that can increase the lifetime of its sensors

  • Cardama: Based in Vigo, Spain, Cardama is a century-old company that operates in the field of shipbuilding, currently having one of the largest repair centers for medium-sized ships in Spain. Through its participation in the KETmaritime project, Cardama wants to develop solutions that allow to change the paradigm of the design and manufacture of ships, in order to maximize production efficiencies and make the shipbuilding process more flexible


  • Galventus: Settled in Pontevedra, Spain, this company is dedicated to the maintenance of wind turbine components. Galventus is working on the development of new solutions applied to the production of structural components of the offshore wind sector that allow to produce components that are lighter and more resistant to the phenomena of erosion and marine corrosion.