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The consortium comprises seven core partners from private, public and educational bodies.
Each partner is a key stakeholder in its own region and all are world-class organisations each bringing a strong international perspective. Working in collaboration, the seven partners make up the transnational maritime pilot manufacturing network.

INL – International Iberian
Nanotechnology Laboratory

INL is a nanotechnology development centre with headquarters in Braga, Portugal. As the first and only international intergovernmental organisation dedicated to nanotechnology, INL provides in-house expertise combined with streamlined access to a worldwide network of partners, investors, and potential markets. What we offer:

  • Deployment of nanotechnology, transforming research ideas into actions in both traditional and emerging industries.
  • Support for the entire prototyping cycle or specific stages, based on the needs of the specific industrial partner.
  • Industry-standard processes, ensuring that prototype devices and any disposable components are produced reproducibly and in volumes sufficient for field trials.

Fórum Oceano – Association of Maritime Economy

Fórum Oceano is a private non-profit association created in 2009 and since then formally recognised by the Portuguese Government as The Portuguese Maritime Competitiveness Cluster. At present, the Association gathers more than 100 members from the whole country, covering different key sectors of the blue economy, among them companies, business associations, R&D centres, higher education institutions, local authorities and other associative organisations. Fórum Oceano main priority is to promote the sea as a valuable resource for the economy, promoting cooperation between stakeholders through the intersection of knowledge and support for innovation, internationalisation and entrepreneurship contributing, in sustainability conditions, for the country’s competitiveness.


The CIMAP, created in early 2008, is a multidisciplinary research laboratory whose scientific objectives relate to excited and défects on the one hand, and on the materials and optics on the other hand.

The activities of CIMAP, Joint Research Unit (UMR6252), CEA, CNRS, ENSICAEN and University of Caen are centered around three missions: Research activity, Home interdisciplinary research with beams of the Grand National Heavy Ion Accelerator (GANIL), and teaching activity at the University of Caen and ENSICAEN remains a primary mission for the faculty of CIPAC.


IDONIAL is a technology centre specialized in industrial design and production. Our mission is to foster the competitiveness of industrial firms by applying technological advances both to their products and to their manufacturing and management processes.
IDONIAL is a private non-profit entity created in 2004 on the initiative of a group of firms in the region and the Regional Government and forms part of the network of Technology Centres of the Principality of Asturias.
IDONIAL was registered as an Innovation and Technology Centre (no. 99) by the Spanish Ministry of Industry on 27th March 2007.


MaREI is Irelandís national centre for marine and renewable energy research and development supported by Science Foundation Ireland, comprising 200 researchers across 6 academic partner institutions working with 46 industry partners. The MaREI Centre combines the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared mission of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and renewable energy sectors. MaREI is coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork


Marine South East is a marine sector, non-profit cluster organisation located in the leading maritime Solent region of the UK. Established in 2005, MSE aims to stimulate investment by public and private sectors in key areas of ‘Blue Growth’ such as maritime logistics, marine energy, security, aquaculture and management of environment and ocean resources.


AIMEN is a non-profit research association, constituted by more than 100 companies, highly specialized in advanced manufacturing technologies, especially in laser processing, process engineering, robotics and automation and materials science. Our mission is to foster industry competitiveness through innovation by collaborating and promoting R&D&I activities and making available state-of-the-art scientific equipment and facilities to test and validate innovative solutions and processes based on emerging technologies. Moreover, AIMEN supports innovation providing high-added value tech nological services. Currently, AIMEN collaborates with more than 400 companies in sectors like transport (automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace), metal and machinery, energy, civil construction, and others.