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Developing a transnational KETs hub and boost overall knowledge transfers

Building a cooperative network

Stimulate efficient economic conversion and diversification

Case Studies

Manual from Action 4.2 "Training module development"


Case Study 5 - Microeletromechanical Systems (MEMS)


Case Study 4 - Photonics Marine Applications


Case Study 3 - Marine Industrial Biotechnology


Case Study 2 - Nanotechnology Marine Applications


Case Study 1 - Advance Manufacturing


Programme Logos


Aims of the KETmaritime project

Create awareness

Create awareness about KETs in maritime industry competitiveness and growth (in Atlantic Area).

Mapping of R&D+I KETs

Mapping of R&D+I KETs entities., Maritime Industrial Users and Technology Transfer.

Future Priorities

Future Priorities Road Mapping, based on the results from previous activity, a future action priorities roadmap will be developed.

Pilot Project Plans

Pilot Project Plans (Implementation Phase): Three or four Pilot Project plans to address specific demands detected in previous activities (as many as identified KETs to enter into the maritime sector).

Dissemination and Communication

There will be a KETmaritime network tool: Website, project tools dissemination, innovation algorithms, project workshops, provision of training, feedback.